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Senin, 25 Juni 2012
Tabligh Akbar Juanda III 2012
Tabligh Akbar Rajab 2012-a
Hadirilah ....

Thousand people attended a Tabligh Akbar in Jalan Juanda III Jakarta, for commemoration of Isra Mi’raj of the Prophet Muhammad Saw. Jamaah Al-Idrisiyyah who came  from various places has made the Masjid Al-Fattah overloaded.

The Tabligh Akbar on 16 Juni 2012 was also attended by some celebrities who performed some Islamic songs. Krisna Mukti with his nasyid grup nasyidnya namely Ar-Rayyan was among one of them. The Nasyid Group Shoutul Hanif led by Aba Dede Paroga, with its  ‘Debu’ flavour has made jamaah be fooled due to its similarity to the 'Debu' original.

On its first launching, Ar-Rayyan promoted its CD album titled Al-Fatihah. The group and its album was prepared to welcome the holy month Ramadhan this year.

In the occasion the committe presented the documentation from Umroh Al-Idrisiyyah led directly by the Mursyid Al-Idrisiyyah.

Dr. M. Hidayat Nur Wahid, MA who was planned to be the main speaker, could not come adn replaced by Ustadz Ansory Siregar, Lc. (member of the House of Representatives from PKS). Ustadz Fery Nur from KISPA also participate in delivering speech. Syekh M. Fathurahman delivered his teachings at the end of the occasion.

Ustadz Anshory keep encouraing Al-Idrisiyyah to invite Dr. M. Hidayat Nur Wahid, MA in other occasion. His absence at the moment was due to his call to other occasion that he chould not escape.

The fact that the Tabligh Akbar is conducted regarless the absence from Dr. M. Nur Wahid, MA was a proof of commitment from Al-Idrisiyyah in supporting his run for Jakarta governor and in building relationship with the organization he attends.

On his tausiah, Syekh M. Fathurahman noted 2 important points  on Isra Mi’raj. First, to prove that the ghaib is real. Those who is taqwa are those who believe in ghaib. Second, to link the prophecy since the Prophet Adam As. Durin the Isra Mi’raj the Prophet Saw met his predecessors.  Islam is not only brought by the last Prophet but also by the previous Prophets. Rasulullah Saw has proved that the Risalah he brings has a strong linkage with the previous Prophets.

Lq, June 20, 2012